Our Setup Options

Weddings, party and events can be an incredibly stressful time for all those involved. With this in mind we have a few options available for our customers to help ease this stress.

Option 1)

Customer collection: This is a flexible option for our customers that dont want to be time restricted, especially if the event and premises allows you time for set up and preparation.
A lot of people prefer to decorate a party to their own individual style.

To collect from us, we simply ask you for a collection date and time with a return date and time, to and from our premises. This allows us time to ensure all items are safely packaged for transport. To be the product reaches its destination in perfect order, we ask you to make sure you have the correct transportation as some pieces are heavy.

If you are considering collection, the items are hired on a full 24hr basis, from morning to morning.

Option 2)

Delivery and collection to the event premises for customer set up.

We are more than happy to deliver the items to the venue for individual set up. A lot of people like this option, as it aids with time restrictions on getting to us but still allows you to decor the venue how you wish.

We will deliver all items clean and carefully packed, we do ask that the items are cleaned and repacked before we collect. If the event is a late night, our latest collection is midnight, unless overnight stays are possible for collection the following morning, dependant on the where the venue is.

Delivery costs are dependant on the amount hired and event location.

Option 3)

Staff set up: This option is perfect for events that involve other outside companies, such as weddings or larger parties. We will arrange a set up design with you and will meet the other companies at the venue to ensure that we are following the same design given to all.

Many brides and grooms go for this option as it gives them time to get themselves ready, away from the hustle and bustle of set up.

We do charge an additional fee for crew set up, this is due to needing a larger team to ensure the set up is done correctly and to specification.

Price is on application, dependant on event size and location.