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Artland Sommelier Wine Decanter

Artland Sommelier wine decanter, beautiful piece of glassware able to hold 2.5 bottles of wine, instead of bottles on the table why not use these as a focal point to coincide with the plates and glassware.


Beautifully cut with a crystal stem, available in water, wine and champagne glasses.


A majestic copper-based glass which glints in the sunlight, available only in wine glass.

Glass Plates

Heavy beautifully etched glass plates, perfect for any event. Can be used individually or as a charger with a bold coloured plate to offset.


Simple design offering colour and class. Available in shades of green, smoke grey and purple.

Royal Golden Flower

Stunning glassware etched with a gold design which catches the light beautifully. Simple yet unique.


Available in copper, gold and silver, the sheer elegance speaks for itself.


This beautiful collection is available in tones of purple, green and clear. Adds that hint of colour to your arrangement.